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Polysynthpharmaceuticals is consumer drive pharmaceutical company, dealing with pharma product since 1974. an emerging and developing Pharma company operating ethically in various parts of west Bengal INDIA . The products that we offer are extensively demanded across different health care sector for their effectiveness and reliability. We are continuously expanding our footprint across west Bengal due to the consistent quality and competitive prices that we offer along with commitment.
We are well supported by the persistent efforts of our assiduous and skilled team members. Our team are qualified and experienced professionals, which works with complete commitment as a team to ensure prompt action.
Polysynthpharmaceuticals operate in an industry like pharmaceuticals, our work goes way beyond creating ‘products for customers’. It is different from any other domain/sector – there lies a higher sense of responsibility and commitment and a need for utmost integrity in everything you do. As we serve medical product , high excellence standards become must, and safety of your people and consumers always comes first.


Our Company

Polysynth Fast Growing Pharma Company

On behalf of everyone at the polysynthpharmaceuticals  Group, I would like to begin by expressing my sincere gratitude for your continued support and understanding regarding our business.

The Mission of the polysynthpharmaceuticals group is “to contribute to the enrichment of quality of life around the society through provision of pharmaceuticals product addressing diverse medical needs.” “Contributing to the enrichment of quality of life around the society ” is in fact our group’s stated Purpose i.e. the reason for existence in society.

Our Values

“Pioneering innovation, our company values push boundaries, forging a future of endless possibilities.”


“United in purpose, our company values empower teamwork, fueling success through collaboration’s strength.”


“Committed to sustainability, our company values drive eco-conscious practices, nurturing a greener tomorrow.”


“With unwavering integrity, our company values uphold honesty and ethics, building trust in all we do.”


“Pursuing greatness, our company values excellence, exceeding expectations in all endeavors.”


“Dedicated to success, our company values commitment, delivering on promises with unwavering resolve.”

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